I made a dress today!

I've come to the point in my stay at home mom life where $70 t-shirts at Anthropologie and $120 dresses at Banana Republic are a distant memory.  I mean, let's face it.  There are much more important things in life at this point than my expensive taste.  Now my expensive taste is in leak-less diapers and organic baby food!  My how life changes. 

Now, while I am not going to splurge on many expensive clothes this spring and summer, I still want to look cute!  I may be a mom, but I don't think that Anthropologie/Banana Republic taste ever really goes away.  This chick is amazing...she takes celebrity looks and finds them for super affordable prices, so I'll def be listening to her, but I've also decided to become crafty.  You guys I know I love crafts and such, but I'm busting out the sewing machine this year to pop out a few easy yet cute dresses and t shirts.  I'm kinda excited about it! 

So, I've been following a few great blogs that are super fun and give great ideas, and I found this one on a dress that I just had to try.  Looked super easy...so here we go! 

Now, while I second guess the material choice (bold but a little too little-girly), gathered way too much (it's sooooo poofy!), I still made a dress!  Ok, not a dress.  I didn't make it long enough and it would be ridiculously short, making it a length that only little girls can wear (I'm beginning to see a theme), but these dress/tunic/whatever-it-is-it-goes-over-jeans are in style and I made one. 
Before we get all excited...as you can see, I accidentally sewed the tank top inside out.  Really? 

That, mixed with the over poofyness means a re-do.  I expect that when I'm sewing....so it's an unfinished project!  But as my mom reminded me even before I started (she knows me) that even if this one doesn't work out, there's always something to learn for next time! 

This dress was sponsored by Jack's extra long nap this afternoon.  Thank you, Jack!


Jeff J said...

Molly, you're so talented. And pretty. Will you marry me?