Tapping Saturday Morning Away

I guess since I mentioned it in my last entry, it's time to talk tap! 

After the first of the year my sweet friend Susan sent out an email to a bunch of the girls at church, asking if anyone would be interested in taking a tap class at a local arts center. 

A little background for those of you who don't really know me, I was in dance class from the time I was 2 until I graduated from high school.  Tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, the whole nine yards!  Jazz didn't last too long (my jazz hands weren't jazzy enough), but long enough to strut my stuff on stage in a particularly 80's-ish dance that involved a lot of black lights...yes, I was cool.  Gymnastics, well, that was my sister's forte, so I left that to her.  Ballet and tap were my two top classes, and from solos to duets to trios to group dance numbers, my name was littered through out the yearly dance recital program!  I wasn't as graceful as some at ballet, and really, you have to be crazy in love with it to endure the PAIN of toe shoes...tap was my favorite!  One of my favorite tap numbers was based around the "chain gang", so we wore black and white striped costumes and even had plastic chains connecting all of our feet together!  I also loved that dance because my friend accidentally kicked off her tap shoe into the audience that night.  Good times! 

Here is some proof of my dancing.  Most of my childhood pics are at my dad's house...I have these in a random picture pile here at the house so dug them out, which of course, happen to be ballet! 
This was my first solo costume!

LOVED this costume!

I love this one because there's me trying to be graceful...and behind me and in front of me are two of my best friends!  Ah, memories. 

So, flash forward 15-20 years, and here I am, a mother of a almost 6 month old, and back to taking tap.  My dad thought it was hilarious when I asked him to bring me my tap shoes, stored in the top of my childhood closet!  I think I had to repeat myself about 10 times before he really believed me. 

My first class was...well...hard!  Susan had been able to start before I did, so she was a few classes up on me, so she helped me along, was so encouraging, and promised it would get easier!  We are taking the intermediate tap class and I was secretly wondering if I should really be in beginners...again, Susan said I would be ok, to just hang in there!  The morning was filled with flaps and shuffles...when the class was over, Susan commented that I wasn't as sweaty as she was...I told her that was because for half of the class I was standing around trying to figure out what they heck everyone else was doing!

This past Saturday was my second class and I have to say, it was easier!  I'm reaching waaaaaay back, trying to remember these steps and they're coming back, little by little!  My teacher did a little diddy and asked if I'd ever heard of the time step, and I said I'd done it a million times...about 20 years ago!  And I'm learning new things that I swear I've never heard of like a shim sham and a rudiment.  I did much better this week, and had so much fun.  And yes, I was actually sweating by the time I left!  Sweet!


Beth Wooten said...

#1 I love that you're taking a tap class! #2 I love the old school recital pictures! That blue bow!

Anonymous said...

The top picture was your first tap solo. I think you were in 2nd grade! The costume was sort of plain so I sparkled it up with lots of glitter amd sequines. Didn't you also have a parasol? (I glittered that up too!) Too cute! Wish we'd had a video recorder.... Mom :)