The Zoo

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Sunny and 75.  Does it get any better?  Jack and I decided to head to the zoo!  Fort Worth had a really good zoo so Jeff and I have talked about becoming a member so that Jack and I could go as many times as we wanted over the year and not have to pay.  It's really a pretty good deal, if you go 4 times, you pay for your membership!  After yesterday, I'm sure we'll go 4 times.

Some friends of ours had the idea, so we met up with them, buckled both car seats in the back and headed on down!  The boys were so cute buckled in next to each other...I really should have gotten a picture of them.  Jack's friend is one month, almost to the day, older than him, and they're destined to be great friends!

Well, the boys really probably couldn't have cared less that we were at the zoo.  Jack is a good stroller rider so basically he just had a good 4 hour walk in the stroller. 

I would roll him up to the glass so he would watch the fish swim by...didn't care.  When we made our way to the giraffe exhibit, he was much more entertained by his giraffe rattle than the actually giraffe walking around in front of him. 

Oh well, it was a beautiful day and the zoo was a great place to spend it!  And I'm super excited to go back and have Jack grow up going to the zoo. 


Anonymous said...

JACK GETS CUTER EVERY DAY!If you look at the pictures of you and Kat growing up, LOTS of them are from zoo trips - most likely from the Milwaukee zoo! I want to go too! Grammy

Beth Wooten said...

Um, that hat? Too much! So cute! And will you ask Jeff why it is raining? I'm not going to stand for this.

Anonymous said...

Molly better to be at the Zoo THIS week and not next...... next week it is wait on I-30 until everyone is crankey ..... Spring Break crazies