Picture Time!

Before Jack was born, I decided that I really wanted to get portriats done frequently.  I know it's kinda silly, but really, it's not too pricy if you use the deals these places offer...and it's really not too pricy if you happen to take a generous Grammy along!  :) 

So here are the 6 month pics we had taken last week.  I know I say it all the time, but I mean...come on, people!  Is he adorable or what?

Sweet angel baby! 
This one looks just like Jeff when he was a baby!
Glamour shots?

Little classic spring baby pic!

These two help me see the future. 
This top one says, "What do you mean, mommy?  I didn't do anything..."
And this one says, "Oh my goodness, look what Vincent did!"


Beth Wooten said...

Oh my gosh, those eyes! How blue could they be? These are some really beautiful shots--certainly worth Grammy's investment! ;)