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Jack was officially 6 months old on March 13th!  Soooo hard to believe.

He's so fun right now, he's interactive, laughs like crazy, loves to play with his toys...and loves to be the entertainment! 

He loves this rattle and really loves to grab it by the green handle and flail his arms about, hitting anything and everything in his way...including his own head!  Although it seems heavy and like it would hurt, (and in fact does hurt when my arm gets in the way of it)  he never cares, so he must have a high tolerance for pain...

He also scratches EVERYTHING!!  He loves to feel the texture of things, so everything becomes some type of scratch and sniff sticker.  He loves smooth things, loves bumpy things...really loves his car seat.  In fact, last week when we visited Andy and Alison, he was in the pack and play in our room and he scratched the sheets until he went to sleep!!  What kind of job requires you to scratch everything?  I can't think of anything professional that I'd actually want to say Jack will be one day, so we'll just say it's a phase, m-kay?

He loves to sit up and play with all of his toys, and has even been sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat!  I got one of those cute cart/high chair covers and he's loving it.  One of the great things about the cart cover is that you can attach his toys to the cover, so there's no fetching toys off of the floor! 

Jack has recently discovered that he can be loud...loud yells, loud screams...all I can say is that I'm glad it's getting warm outside so we can go outside to be loud!

We also just got Jack an outdoor swing!  Everyone knows the boy loves his swings, and he's loving this one, too!

He's moved up in the solids to stage 2, and still loves his carrots and hates his cereal!  He would eat 5 jars of carrots, I truly believe.  

And we've started a few finger foods!  We started with these apple puffs and he's getting used to them...he's curious about them, but the texture is  quite different!   
He's getting so big!  I'm absolutely loving being the mom of a 6 month old!!


Kristi said...

Awe, how fun! I love kiddos at this age. They have little personalities and are just too cute! I can't believe he's 6 months old! Crazy! :)