7 months

I can't believe it's already been another month!  Jack's getting so big. 

Top 5 New Things That Happened in Month 6

1.  Jack can pop that paci back in his mouth like a pro!  I used to long for the day he could do this...and now he can!  It's wonderful. 

2.  He's loving eating a few finger foods.  His favorite is toast that I've cut into sticks.  Apparently they're called toast soldiers...learn something new every day!  Anyways, he gnaws on these until they're pretty mushy and gross...and he loves it!

3. Jack can sit up really really well now.  Like sit by himself for a long time on his own.  Each morning, Jack is up at about 7, has his bottle, and plays on the floor with his toys for about 45 minutes before his morning nap.  He is such a content baby...it's funny, while he's playing, I'm up getting my own breakfast, checking email, etc, and lately, he really wants me to watch him play!  He'll look around for me, checking to see where I am and what I'm doing!  He loves it when I sit on the floor with him and watch him play.  It's his favorite time.  He's also at the point where he will catch himself if he starts to fall backwards, and he'll kinda roll down to get on his tummy...which, I'm sure you remember, was not a favorite place to be for quite a while.  He doesn't hate being on his tummy and.....

4.  he's working on crawling!  Kinda.  He's not really close, but he's able to lift up his upper body with his arms and lift up his little bottom with his legs, now the next thing on the list?  Do it at the same time!  Oh is my life about to change....

5.  Jack has definitely found his voice, and realized just how loud he can be.  He loves to get really excited, and when he does, he screams, he loves to be startled, (a video is a must for this one) he yells in delight, he loves to sit at any restaurant and shriek.  If you live in North Texas, then you've heard him.  Thankfully it's a shreik of joy, not of fussiness! 

What a joy he is, I am absolutely in love and feel beyond blessed to be where we are!


Sara said...

I told you these days were right around the corner. It only gets better. What a joy it was to see you, Jeff, and Jack last week.

Ms. Kolstad's Class Blogspot said...

Love him more than I thought I could! Isn't it a blessing that God keeps widening and deepening our capacity to love?