Am I mean?

Like I said the other day, Jack usually goes down for his nap about an hour after he gets up.  Seems kinda quick, but he always acts ready!  Although in the past week, I've thought about holding him out a little longer...his morning nap is becoming incredibly short!  Like 45 minutes short.  This wonderful break-for-mamma-time-to-shower-and-read (and maybe even watch a little Rachel Ray) nap used to stretch for at least an hour and a half. 

Well, since this nap has been so short lately, I've been just letting Jack stay in his crib for a little while once he's awake.  I mean, when it gets to the point that I turn off the shower and hear him jabbering after being asleep for 30 minutes, there's not much left to do but towel off and go about my morning routine with him happily jabbering away in his crib!  So...usually he stays in his crib for an extra 30 minutes after he's that bad?  I assure you he's not crying, just talking!  If he cries, I head in there and know nap time is surely over.  But if he's not crying, he's just fine, right?  And it's not all selfish, I promise!  I honestly think he'll fall back asleep...which he usually doesn't, but maybe sometimes does...

So next week we'll start pushing it and stay up an hour and a half or 2 before napping to see if that helps.  See, when he gets up, he's still tired, I can tell!!  So maybe staying up longer will equal longer nap time...hopefully!