First tooth!

Pretty much the past month, Jack has been teething.  Just kinda grumpy, spontaneously crying, not being his smiley self.  This wasn't all the time, it would come and go, but it was definitely there.  We used teething tabs (not really sure what they are or what they do...but they kinda worked) and Tylenol when times got tough to give the poor guy some relief! 

We've been feeling around in Jack's mouth for what seems like forever, hoping to feel that little ridge of a tooth.  They say (whoever "they" is, who always seems to have such wisdom for child rearing) that once you can feel the tooth pop through, the worst is over. 

And.............Tuesday, I felt a tooth!!  Yay!  I have to say, they were right.  Tuesday Jack was the happiest and most playful he's been in a while! 

No, I didn't take a picture, he's way to squirmy and you're lucky to get a finger in there to feel anything...but once that one toothed grin shows up, don't worry, you'll be seeing it!