teething + a cold + possible earache = not fun times

So, Jack's first teeth popped up!  Yay!  So fun.  And then the not sleeping happened. 

I'll spare you the gory details, but just know that last night, he cried in his crib for an hour and a half before finally falling asleep.  And this was with a dose of Motrin and some teething tabs.  I can't even tell you what constant crying does to the mental state of a mom.  Oh, we cooked our hamburgers like we'd planned, watched America's Funniest Home Videos (guilty pleasure), all with the sounds of a crying 7 month old in the back ground. 

No we didn't neglect him.  We would go in every 10 minutes and make sure he was ok, give him his paci back, pat his tummy, talk him down, but as soon as we left his sight, it was back to the crying.  I mean, he was so worked up that he was sweating and his hair was wet with drool and tears.  It was terrible.  I took him out a few times just to comfort him, but as soon as he was back, crying ensued. 

He doesn't have a fever, so I figured it's not an earache...but I just called the DR and the nurse said he could have an earache with out a fever!  Who knew!  So we're going in this afternoon.  Hopefully there's something that can help this little man!  And his mamma!  As of right now, baby needs some meds and mamma needs a glass of wine!