Laaaaaaaaate Easter Pics

Jack had a cold on Easter...and was not happy about it.  We did snap a few decent pics inbetween fuss sessions!

On Easter morning, I put Jack in his cute little blue Easter bubble suit and...Jeff said he looked like a girl.  Now, Jeff NEVER has bad things to say about what I put Jack in, so I decided to go ahead and take his advice and do a quick change before we walked out the door.  Thankfully, I had this cute smocked outfit waiting in the wings!  I'd picked it up at a consignment shop back when Jack was tiny.  I'm actually thankful he wore it on Easter!  He's getting so big that it will be the only time he'll get to wear it!

Maybe I should try lipstick once in a while...oh well!  At least Jack is smiling and you can't see the snot running out of his nose!


Beth Wooten said...

I like his little jumper--what a perfect Easter outfit!

(When we worked the Easter nursery, we did have one little guy in a bubble suit... and felt kinda sorry for him. I think the other "new walkers" might have been making fun of his pumpkin silhouette on the sly.)

The jumper accentuates J's manly physique! I hear he's been doing crunches in his car seat. ;)

P.S. I like your new springy background.