Ok, so a few more things...

Remember this picture that I keep coming back to?

OMG, he's soooooo tiny!  Well, now Jack can fully spin himself around in the exersaucer so he can get to any toy he wants to!  It's pretty amazing.  He loves it most of the time...until he realizes why it's nicknamed "the circle of neglect".

Another thing he loves to do it sit up.  Yes, I know I've said that like a million times, but he likes to sit up in things that aren't designed for him to sit up in!  Like his carrier car seat.  He's still in his infant carrier seat, and is below the weight limit (which is ridiculous...you can keep the babies in that thing until their 22lbs...well, the car seat itself weighs over 10 pounds to you're lugging around 35 lbs!  Who can do that?!?!!?) but that's about to change. 

As you can see, when you put the kiddo in, they lay back, kinda like a bassinet, and you strap them in.  Well, Jack will not have any of this.  He's a big boy and big boys sit up!  It's a battle to get him to actually lay down in it!  Once he's strapped in, he's fine, but he doesn't like the laying down part!  The stroller is slightly reclined, you know, for comfort sake, but no, Jack likes to sit straight up!  I guess he's working on his posture??  Anyway, we bought our next car seat a few weeks ago and it's sitting in the living room waiting to be installed next week.  There are so many straps and teathers, I'm taking it to the car seat safety place so they can show me how to install it!  It's a little intimidating and scary, so I'll let the experts do it.  And I know Jack will be thankful.