For the love of carrots

One day I walked in to Babies R Us. 

Now, as a preface to this story, I strongly dislike hate Babies R Us.  Before I had a baby and would go there for baby shower gifts, I would take a deep breath, walk in, and get busy deciphering the codes to 80 million tiny little things, things I had no idea about, and, truthfully, didn't care about.  I would spend 20 minutes figuring out if the precious friend had registered for this bottle nipple or the one next to it, that looked exactly the same to me, so why did it matter anyway...bad attitude, but true.  I would leave the store, battled and weary, guessing that one day, when I had a baby, I would love this atrocity of a mega store.

Well, things did not change when I had Jack.  Now, instead of wondering the difference between this bottle nipple and that one, now I think it's just a crazy over priced black hole of mass produced baby garb.  Still bad attitude...and not one I expected to hang around! 

Anyways, one day I walked in to Babies R Us to get some teething tabs.  Teething tabs are t hese little golden nuggets are tabs that dissolve in a teething monster's mouth and seem to settle them down for about, oh, 95 seconds...and these tabs of goodness are not found at Target...they're only found at Babies R Us.  Of course.  Taking a deep breath and diving into the isles of baby land, I found my gold-priced teething tabs and made a run for the register when I passed a small display in the front of the store.  I recognized my favorite baby food label and stopped to take a glance at the probable rip off they were offering.

The price sticker said $8.99 for 12 jars, which is like $.75 a jar.  That's about what you can get at Target, but I knew I had a coupon in my pocket that would make them much cheaper than that so I walked on by.  And then did a double one get one free!  What?  That's like $.37 a jar!  Babies R Us with a real deal?  Um, yes please!

So I stocked up.  And by stocked up, I mean got 8 flats of jars!  That's a whopping 96 jars of baby food, people!  Only catch, is that you could only get carrots, pears, and pears/raspberries.  So...Jack's been eating a LOT of carrots and pears!  And he loves both carrots and pears, which is good news. 

When we first started solid foods and fed Jack his first carrots, they ended up, of course, all over his cute little shirt.  Oh well, throw it in the wash...and then find out that carrots stain like a mother!  No getting them out.  So we've been careful, but you can't avoid the occasional carrot explosion that covers more than the bib can protect.  And it seems to be that usually he's wearing one of my favorite shirts.   Come to think of it, since I get to choose what he wears, he's usually wearing one of my favorite shirts...anyways, many cute onesies have met an early end because of the stain of carrot. 

And I'm done with it.  So from now on...

we're eating naked style!

And on another note....look how cute he is!