Jack's Amazing Shower

Last Saturday, some fabulous friends threw Jack (and me) a shower and it was absolutely wonderful. I've known Heather, Ally, and Mandy for quite a few years and treasure each of their friendships and felt to special and truly blessed to be honored by them.

I mean, check out this spread! They put so much planning and work into making everything just right...they even had "mama-ritas"! One thing I've really craved during this pregnancy is a good ole margarita. We even had friends over a few months ago and I told them, I'm making virgin margaritas, bring your alcohol if you want yours spiked! And that virgin margarita
was SO GOOD!!

Last year, Jeff gave me a "Margarator" margarita machine, and it makes the best margaritas. Slushy, no chunks of ice, its great. Such a tangent...

Some of my favorite people were there, it was just wonderful. There were so many thoughtful gifts, things Jack will love, things I'll love...so great!!

Each person at the shower wrote sweet notes to Jack and to Jeff and me, which we'll treasure. I have a "Blessing Ring" which is just a metal ring that has ribbons and beads hung on it that you can also hang cards, pictures, and notes on, and it is much more full after Saturday!

The food was soooooooo good!

I LOVE these sweet handmade burp cloths, and am so proud of the seamstress behind them! :)

And the family pic of the day! Jeff's mom, Jeff, me, Jeff's cousin Erin and my sister Katherine


ally007 said...

I intended on commenting on your lovely shower post, but i got distracted by the nachos pictured below...why do you do that to me?!?
come to momma!